Vetreria Murano Arte glass factory can be recognized from the shores of Venice by its distinctive red outline. We are spread over a 3,500 square meter area on the Calle San Cipriano on Murano, the "Glass island" (waterbus stop: Colonna).

At our premises you can visit the furnace and see the glass masters at work. Our guide will explain the traditional glass making techniques. A guide will explain how we make the glass in Murano.

From February 15th, 2019:
Entrance: Euro 3,00*
Children (up to 11 years): Free Entrance
* Show your entrance receipt and get a 3,00 discount on the purchase of 1 item in our shop (the discounts are not cumulative).

We have an art gallery with 14 showrooms where is displayed the best of the Murano craftsmanship and a gift shop.

We are open all days 9.00am-4.00pm.

The property originally housed the San Cipriano Seminary, where in the 18th century the infamous Giacomo Casanova attended and became an abbot. Later it became a site for the manufacture of the vessels known as "crucibles", necessary for melting the minerals that make glass. In the 19th century, ovens and plants for the glass production were built.

At the turn of the 20th century, a boat painting factory operated where our warehouses stand today. This factory was managed for over 15 years by the celebrated novelist Italo Svevo, whose avant-garde novel "The Confessions of Zeno" revitalized Italian literature. While living on Murano, Svevo wrote several short stories which can be found in the collection "Racconti di Murano e Altri Racconti", edited by Luigi Fontanella and published by Empiria.

In 1976, with the establishment of Vetreria Murano Arte s.r.l., substantial renovations modernized the factory. Today we offer our weekday visitors the opportunity to watch actual glass production and not simply a demonstration for tourists. In our show-rooms, covering 1,600 square meters, it is possible to admire and purchase pieces made by the most important Murano artists.

And what better way to end your shopping, than by sitting on our balcony surrounded by a charming garden, sipping some good Venetian sparkling wine, with a delightful view of Venice spread out before you? We will be expecting you.